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NETHEA Annual Curriculum Sale

 It is with a very heavy heart that we are announcing that there will not be a 2017 used curriculum sale. We have struggled to find a place for the sale, we have struggled to find a day where we could have most of our regular volunteers and some additional ones, it has just been battle after battle after battle. Most of our steady volunteers have family members that are on hospice, deaths in the family, new babies on the way, undergoing home purchases/refurbishing, and the list goes on. Each of our volunteers has always seen this as a ministry opportunity, and each one has been carefully hand-picked and chosen because of their servant-minded attitude. I know that many of you rely on this sale for funds for your next school year, as do I. But after much fighting, searching our hearts, and prayer...the leadership feels that this is just not a doable service this year. I am very sorry for those of you who have been inconvenienced. We will start issuing refunds if you paid your consignor's fee...we ask for a little bit of grace as our treasurer finds the time to reimburse those fees. We have booked the 2018 sale at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City with a tentative date of July 13th and 14th and plan to go forward from here on having the sale in early July.

 There are options to sell your homeschool materials; Angela at the Hillbilly Homeschool Barn does what she does as a ministry as well as a means to support her family. There's also an eBay option and some other homeschool websites and I encourage you to check those out.

Again, we are very sorry for this turn of events; we cannot tell you how much prayer, sweat, tears have been poured into this decision. If you want to help this ministry continue...please know that we need a solid location to have the sale, we need to be able to book about a year ahead, we need servant-minded volunteers to see this as a ministry opportunity more than an early shopping opportunity. Just a few days ago we asked for volunteers and received one response.

 If you have any comments, complaints, concerns, questions etc. please message me (Lori) directly with those. While Melinda Chapman signed on to be treasurer, she has basically carried NETHEA single-handedly these past several years.

 This sale is simply not doable without a reliable group of volunteers and this year we were just not able to pull all of our resources together as we have in years past. It is disheartening to see how few homeschoolers actually support NETHEA by joining ($22/yr) yet so many benefit from NETHEA sponsored graduation and this NETHEA sponsored sale. I would ask for lots of grace and lots of prayer as we make the decisions that lie ahead of us. We are the Northeast division of THEA which is a statewide organization. It will take more than 2 people to continue to offer what we do (graduation, book sale, scholarship, etc...)
Lori Keck
Volunteer coordinator



Location:    Holiday Inn Johnson City

              101 West Springbrook Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604


Date:    July 14, 2018 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

         *Consignors with 25+ items will shop at 9 a.m.*


If you would like to sell books, curriculum, or other educational materials at the sale, click here for important information.

Shopping at the NETHEA Curriculum Sale

1) NETHEA will not be accepting checks as of 2015.  Due to an increase in non-payment on bad checks the last few years NETHEA will no longer accept checks.  Credit Cards will be accepted however there will be a 3% fee for each transaction.  Please bring plenty of change – no more than $20 will be given in change. Therefore, large bills will not be accepted as payment for just a few items.


2) At time of checkout, a 5% surcharge will be added to all purchases to cover sale supply expenses and facility fees.


3) Early sales, hoarding, and holding of books will NOT be permitted. Please be considerate of
others. Replace any items you decide not to purchase, back on the proper tables, in a timely manner.  This will allow others to have a chance to see them.


4) If you must bring your children, they must stay with you at all times. Children are not
permitted to roam freely through the building. Children are not allowed to open any games or
toys that are for sale. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


5) Workers will be wearing matching red aprons and will cheerfully make curriculum recommendations, answer questions, and help you throughout the sale.

6) Many shoppers bring small portable buggies, umbrella strollers, crates or other containers in which to collect their books. This is quite acceptable. Again this year, due to a problem with theft in the past, we will inspect every bag as you exit the sale.

7) Come shop our sale, meet new friends, find some great bargains, enjoy being with other homeschool families AND most of all have FUN!!!











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